The restaurant is gorgeous, everything is a nice blend of modern and chic. I'll be going back for their regular Chinese food for sure. But for the next two or three visits, its going to be hot pot for me : D

I'm already in love.

~ Kathy, Newington, NH

Had an amazing time at the Pink Bamboo. Our friendly and Knowledgeable staff (Tina and Felix) guided us through the delicious & diverse menu. Ordered the beef and chicken hot pot with Udon noodles. While the pot is kept simmering the ingredients (which did not disappoint) are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table.

Looking forward to my next visit.

~ Christopher, Eliot, ME
For my entree I had general tso's tofu which was EXCELLENT-- the sauce wasn't cloying, with just enough spice. The tofu was lightly fried (not to heavy), a bit soft (which was nice) and very pleasingly presented. 

The really amazing part of the experience was the manner in which the waitstaff accommodated my friend's needs. He asked if he could have a simple soup of vegetables, tofu, and udon noodles (not on the menu). They provided one and realized (without him saying so) that he was vegetarian and therefore made a point to inform him that they did NOT make the soup with chicken broth. That was quite nice. 

A really positive experience overall and I will definitely return for those cold noodles!!

~ Nicola, Boston, MA

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